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Annika Thomas


Hi! I am Annika Thomas. As a holistic designer my approach to clothing design is quite different from the ordinary, where most garments are created to appeal to our contemporary perception of beauty as well as meet functional needs. 

A large part of what I do is actually not about clothes at all. Since the whole person (rather than simply the outer layers, such as physical attributes and the most obvious personality traits) is included in holistic design, human psychology as well as development on a personal, collective and cultural level become important factors.

As a holistic understanding of clothes begins to grow, we learn a lot about ourselves just through looking at our wardrobe. We begin to understand the silent language of colors, shapes and patterns as well as how these influence us. We realize how they can help us on our journey to wholeness.


My next book - Bursting at the Seams - explores all these things more thoroughly. Send me an email if you are interested and want to be notified of the launch. 

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